EASTERN SHORE HOSPITALITY GROUP (ESHG) is the business management division of MID-ATLANTIC HOSPITALITY GROUP.  In addition ESHG, LLC and its sister company, ESHG Kent Island, LLC owns & operates its own concept as well...known as Coopers Tavern (




ESHG was founded on the simple, basic principle that a Restaurant Management Company must exist solely to serve the best interests of its clients.


ESHG is client friendly. Our goals match those of our owners.  Management Agreements reflect the confidence in our ability to perform for our clients and are focused on a positive, results oriented, profitable philosophy.


ESHG thrives on innovation. The operators of ESHG bring to the table a vast wealth of experiences and knowledge:

leaders in the industry with a combined 125+ years of hands-on restaurant management/operations experience.




ESHG will show you that training is the most critical tool available to you in your business. The pennies you invest in great training programs

will reap you hundreds of dollar in return - both in overall cost savings and rapid increases in revenue.


We create and bring forward specialized training programs for our clients, based upon extensive operations assessments and needs analyses.

Customized to your goals, we help you better prepare your staff for today's business and to meet your long range objectives.


ESHG's 'Fresh Start Training' - our Train the Trainer programs -  have been replicated throughout the industry:

we work closely with your management staff - identifying opportunities and providing much needed tools to grow your associates, and your profits.




Let ESHG provide a comprehensive, unbiased and valuable evaluation of your day-to-day operations - as only a customer can.

We will assess the entire guest experience - from the moment we drive into your parking lot until our mystery guests drives away -

allowing you to capitalize on the true successes of your business and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.




Eastern Shore Hospitality Group can assist you with a host of other operational issues and value added services - including, but not limited to:


  • Procurement:  Identifying key partner vendors and negotiating smart purchasing contracts
  • Menu Planning: Working with you in tailoring your menu to your guests with decisions driven from data
  • Menu Engineering: We are experts at showing you how to get the 'biggest bang for your buck' - utilizing your inventories effectively
  • Kitchen Design:  Let our experts assist you in the layout of your new or soon-to-be remodeled kitchen
  • Site Location:  We have experienced operational specialists in many areas of the country who can assist you and guide you to great locales