Franchising Solutions


From the inexperienced, up-and-coming franchisor to the established concept, Mid-Atlantic Hospitality Group offers professional franchise consulting

and solutions to a wide spectrum of clients. 

Our consultants have extensive, expert knowledge in the development of franchises systems - throughout the United States and abroad.

We have advised companies on 3 continents, and have expertise in introducing European concepts - and business models -  to the domestic marketplace. 

Focused, personal attention is given to each client. We work closely with you to implement your strategic branding needs. We assist you in developing your franchise system, beginning with conceptualization, and continuing through the opening of your first franchise, and beyond. 

Whatever your franchising needs, we can assist you in becoming successful. For an initial consultation, or questions regarding our programs,

please contact us here

Listed below are brief descriptions of many of the areas covered in our Franchise Solutions consulting:


  • 1. FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) preparation and filing: registration with the Federal Government and your state
  • 2. Franchise Sales Programs / Securing Franchise Leads / Vetting Qualified Franchisees
  • 3. Franchise Marketing Plans 
  • 4. Financial Analysis of your current franchise system
  • 5. Keeping you current in the franchise marketplace 
  • 6. Franchisee Training, Motivational and Communications Programs
  • 7. Financial Forecasting and Modeling; Fee structuring
  • 8. Operations Manuals Writing, Review & Revision 
  • 9. Court Appointed Receivership / Restructuring / Reorganization, Financial & Insolvency Solutions